KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac System - 11.5 Gal.

KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac System - 11.5 Gal.

Item # KV-ODV

  • OmniFlex[TM] can be easily transformed into a high-performance Dispense-and-Vac system, simply add the optional OmniFlex[TM] Wet/Dry Vac to the Trolley-Bucket.
  • Dump/Drain hose: 22"
  • Vac Tank Cleanout: 100% via dump/drain hose
  • Vac CFM: 60 cfm; Blow feature: 85 mph; Vac motor lift: 114"
11.5 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #ODV

Just open the spigot and apply fresh cleaning solution to the floor, spread and lightly brush into grout lines, and then vacuum the soils and liquid away. Floors are clean and dry. The process is significantly better, faster and safer than cleaning with a mop.


  • Rapid drying reduces slip and fall risk.
  • Reduces chemical costs up to 70% while producing better results.
  • Powerful vacuum combined with top quality Squeegee Brush Head thoroughly removes soils and contaminants.
  • Cleaning solution always stays fresh because soiled water is vacuumed into a separate tank.
  • Built-in dwell time improves cleaning results.
  • Very easy to learn and use. Even a first-time user can achieve great results.
  • Simply add optional pump system to convert to a Spray-and Vac system.
  • Empties easily into a toilet or slop sink.
  • Low cost is often below capital expenditure thresholds.
  • Two-piece lightweight aluminum vacuum wand.
  • 15' retractable electrical cord.
  • One tool lets you brush then simply flip to vacuum.
  • Variable flow spigot dispenses fresh solution.
  • Industry's longest vacuum hose.
  • Easy flush dump hose.